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10 Bookish Things That I’d Like to Own

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This is the best topic of this meme in my opinion – there’s so many things connected with books that I’d love to own at some point in my life. It doesn’t have to be bought; I can probably make some of them on my own, with varying levels of success, of course. Some items are true artisan pieces, the result of many months, years of hard work.

I do love to browse and compile lists of beautiful things. It’s enough to have the photos at the touch of a button, I don’t need to own them; wouldn’t mind though if a good fairy left me some extra money to spend buying some of them. ;D


1.Art about books – illustrations, covers, posters, quotes – anything that I can put into a frame and on a wall.
2.Bookends – although used primarily by people who don’t have enough books to fill their shelves (or too much free space in their rooms), I’d love to have some of these wonderful figurines to adore my room. They can be pretty quirky, too.


3.Jewelery – necklaces for my book loves, rings, pocket watches – anything to remind me of my fandoms. I believe etsy is a danger zone for me in this regard. I wouldn’t know when to stop because some of the stuff there is simply amazing, drop dead gorgeous and I desire it with a passion. I’d love to snag a necklace or two because I really don’t have that many.
4.Mugs, other pottery with quotes, illustrations from my fandoms or otherwise bookish ideas. There’s a ton of them out there and Pinterest is quite a nice source for inspiration should I find myself in an artistic mood. Don’t know if my sister would approve, but maybe our plain mugs would look good with a little improvement.


5.Bookshelves to house my collections – I sorely need some because there’s so little space left that I really don’t think I can buy more books before I solve the problem. I like the staircase idea – isn’t it practical? Well, I’m promised a new handmade bookshelf but summer is a long time away still.
6.Big bags/totes for transporting books – always a challenge when visiting the library or returning from a hunt at the bookstore. I need to invest into a fashionable tote that I’d love to show to my bookish friends.
7.Bookish embroidery – I’m thinking about small simple embroidered themes or quotes to hang on my wall. It’s a nice occupation during summer and I’m tired of embroidering just flowers and other repeating patterns.


8.Bookstand – this is such a great idea, whether it’s a modern design or an old one. Who needs sore arms from holding up a book all day in the summer. I think I should try to make one for my lazy reading, not to mention that having a beautiful one would make me feel like a wizard/sorceress. 😀
9.E-reader sleeves/covers – how awesome are these? Leather jackets of such beautiful design are more a work of art than a purely functional protection for tablets and e-readers. They are pricy but you bet they’re worth it. (
10.Bookish clothing – clothes with pattern designs incorporating books, writing, quotes, etc. Maybe even character inspired clothing that I could wear every day and which would not come off like a Comic-Con costume.



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