Happy Tolkien Reading Day


This event is held every year on the day of Sauron’s defeat (25th March) since 2003.  It is a day dedicated to Tolkien’s amazing work, celebrating Arda (Middle Earth), and encouraging reading all he ever wrote: it can be his novels, short stories, story fragments, letters, etc. His imagination is a rich fountain of inspiration to all fans and fellow writers.

I did not have any fixed plans yesterday; I don’t actually have the time to reread the entire LOTR as I would have liked and it’s hard to decide which chapter to choose for individual reading. What I did quite spontaneously is read a fanfiction Fiercer than Fire by Aranel Cornilino. Isn’t that also a way to honour the Professor? Fanfiction transfors and brings to life his characters and worlds in so many amazing ways. Not to mention how great an impact Middle Earth has on our lives; after all his work has transformed the fantasy genre.

Now I’m itching to get my hands on the extended version of the latest hobbit movie!

So, how did you celebrate the day?


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