One Year of Blogging on Word Press


Huh, imagine my surprise when I realised the date and got a sweet reminder by WordPress that today is exactly one year since I’ve moved my blog here. 😀

It’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve grown by bounds and leaps as a blogger since I joined this community. I’m nowhere near the level of bloggers I follow regularly, who surprise me with their insight and inspiration all the time, but I believe I’m slowly getting there. I finally schedule at least half of my posts in advance (a huge improvement), I create my own headers for the majority of posts, turning my blog into a more cohesive unit, and I learned to manage my photo content a bit better. I must thank tumblr users here – they are a huuuuge source of my photo content, but I rely on official websites as well.

My blog has 93 followers, which is a number I did not expect because my previous bog had around 6-10 people following it. You can imagine my surprise and happiness! 😀 I get around 20 comments a month, which is not that high a number at first glance, but I think that every post gets at least one, so I consider this a definite win situation. I hope to offer my readers more engaging posts in the future so they’ll feel free to comment more. I’ve decided to do better in this regard as well. It’s only fair if I want to get more comments that I comment on other people’s blogs more.

I find I like posting about various topics, so my blog is not centred around one theme – it is more of a collage of ideas. I write mostly about books, series and movies I enjoy,  that is true, and sometimes I feel like talking about important moments in my life and events around the world. Perhaps I should do more to include my inner history and sociology nerd; sadly there are only so many hours in a day. Maybe that should be a goal for my second year of blogging, though. 😀



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