Monday Resolutions

Time for another reflection of goals I need to reach in the week or two. I hope this will also give me an extra boost for my blogging posts.


My goals this month is to finish several books from my dystopia challenge (I’ve started Parasite by Mira Grant) and finally start on the 80 books around the world challenge. I can’t believe I haven’t started it yet. Somehow I wasn’t in the mood before and I can’t force myself to read when I don’t want to. Why should I? Reading is my hobby, something I enjoy, and I’m not going to change that because of a challenge.



I finally cracked and created my own iTunes account. Now music is just a click away. I’ve been listening to the same old songs or borrowing music from my sister. No more of this (or at least not as much – she’s got great taste), I’ll support my favourite musicians directly now. Perhaps I’ll be more aware of new songs as well? I certainly don’t listen to the radio as much as I  used to.


OMG – plot bunnies of various kinds are going to kill me because I don’t write them down and put them to good use. I’m seriously behind any project I’ve started. I wonder if the longer days and a more positive Spring vibe will finally get my inner writer into gear and I’ll finish something one of these days. *sigh* Keep positive thoughts…

Stories and characters certainly entered my mind to the degree that I dream of them. It’s bloody exhausting what it is – I don’t feel refreshed when I have such vivid dreams. Not to mention that I should certainly update my stories one of these days.


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