Women’s Day


Women’s Day – 8th March

I’ve written a post celebrating this important day last year (post), laying bare my thoughts on gender inequality. Not that I expected much to change in such a short time  but we did see some smaller steps towards the ultimate goal – equality of all. Women have raised their voices and made it clear they won’t be overlooked or abused anymore. I was especially proud of women in India for stepping together in the face of great tragedy.

I hope my next year’s post will be as uplifting as this one. We have a way to go but we’re on the right track on some issues. Let’s hope the economic situation won’t erode our progress in the face of high unemployment.

I have hope because I’m surrounded by intelligent, strong, and kind women in my daily life. We’re a band of sisters, fellow academics, and good people. We’re going to be the force that changes the world. I believe in that because what is the point of our lives but to make the world a better place?

Happy Women’s Day!

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