Watching Hannibal


I’m a fan of the TV show (as much one can be a fan of such a dark tale), and I’m really glad we get to see how the fantastic first season finale continues. Somehow the second season feels even scarier than when the show started. I can’t watch it in the dark, it seriously freaks me out. Should anyone surprise me when I have my headphones on during the episode, I’d certainly be clinging to the ceiling in fright. Yeah, it’s creeping me out this much.

You must understand that I’m not really fond of thrillers and psychological dramas, and especially not of horror, yet this show really captivates me. Perhaps it is the superb camerawork and the colour filters, the dark aesthetic, but most of all it is the acting. Everyone is committed to their character 100 percent. I’d love to be the fly on a wall when filming takes place – it must be a doozy.

So, any other fans out there?


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