Kurentovanje 2014


My hometown is feverishly celebrating the hesitantly approaching spring. I’ve returned form a walk where I’ve seen many youngsters and their families dressed up in costumes. The most popular choices seem to be bees, ladybugs, big cats, pirates, cowboys, Indians (Native Americans as envisioned in westerns), we’ve also seen a family of Draculas, several super-heroes and princesses.

The carnival in Ptuj, called KURENTOVANJE, is the most high-profile carnival event of public importance in Slovenia.

The 54-year-long tradition of organised events and performances is, among other things, meant to preserve and develop this extraordinary movable cultural heritage and ethnographic tradition.

I’ve written about the carnival in the past – post. Er, unfortunately only as a side note. I understand it’s not really a good excuse but I was angry at the time, so I did not go into much detail and focused more on the less savory points of the carnival.

Thankfully, the organisers learnt from their mistakes and the pavements are miraculously clear of vehicles this year. You can safely walk to the tent with your entire family and many did just that. No more incorrectly parked vehicles – at least on the pavements, the road to our house can’t be included. If we were to be in need of an ambulance or a fire-truck, the help would need to push away several cars to get to us. Now, this ticks me off, but the situation is so drastically better than previous years that I can’t be angry.

I had a very relaxing walk all in all and I think the general atmosphere around the tent and town is so much better. Now they only need to put up more signs so that people know there are more parking spaces available a short distance away from the tent area. I saw some confused people circle around searching for parking space where they really shouldn’t park, or turn their car around – like someone’s front lawn. Otherwise the carnival time is what it is supposed to be and I’m only glad my town is living up to its potential.

(As a side note: I think a friendly e-mail I sent to urge them to change certain things to make the carnival more pedestrians-friendly got through. :D)


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