Series Anticipation – Game of Thrones season 4


My sister and I can’t wait till Game of Thrones starts again! 😀 It’s almost like The Walking Dead, i.e. the characters both exasperate us and thrill us at the same time. Here we know who we root for – Arya Stark. Let’s face it – the girl is one of the strongest female characters. Dannarys is a close second but we’re kind of iffy about her world domination mindset. Her good luck is bound to turn sour real fast too. Women in this medieval universe kind of get the short end of the stick all the time. It does bother us, but at the same time we hope to see how things turn out for our (only) favourite Lannister Tyrion. He’s the only character who isn’t too greedy, selfish, evil or abusive towards women.

I hope we get to see fortune turn sour for the rest of the family. The brat is getting on my nerves – I hope grandfather puts him in his place, although someone should do something to turn the tables on him as well. Ah, well… no luck finding much sympathy for them from me. There’s too much blood on their hands. The trailer certainly promises new twists and turns for us. Let’s see if the season will move at a more even pace than the last one.

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