Book Review 24 – Whispers in Autumn

13631837Whispers in Autumn
(The Last Year #1)

by Trisha Leigh

Rating: 3 stars
Reading challenge:

  • Freebie February – 4th book
  • Dystopia Reading challenge

Goodreads link

Goodreads summary:

In 2015, a race of alien Others conquered Earth. They enslaved humanity not by force, but through an aggressive mind control that turned people into contented, unquestioning robots.

Except sixteen-year-old Althea isn’t content at all, and she doesn’t need the mysterious note inside her locket to tell her she’s Something Else. It also warns her to trust no one, so she hides the pieces that make her different, even though it means being alone.

Then she meets Lucas, everything changes.

Althea and Lucas are immune to the alien mind control, and together they search for the reason why. What they uncover is a stunning truth the Others never anticipated, one with the potential to free the brainwashed human race.

It’s not who they are that makes them special, but what.

And what they are is a threat. One the Others are determined to eliminate for good.

This book is a good dystopia with aliens and mind-wipes, fenced in cities, scary villains, and lots of mysteries and barely answered questions. Perhaps so many things left unclear are the reason I did not enjoy it more. They do, however, make it necessary to read the sequels, so editors would certainly encourage the ambiguity.

Having a clearer sense of the scope and danger our heroine Althea is in would tighten the plot. This one takes it sweet time to move forward. We barely scratch the surface of the world that found itself under the iron rule of the Others. We are given several hints as to what happened and how things are kept in control, but very little is revealed about any resistance.

I’ve given it 3 stars because it is solidly written. It does not get more from me because it seriously dragged in several passages. Althea and Lucas take their sweet time figuring each other out and their budding powers. It really frustrated me that they were so helpless. I started to imagine them far younger than their 16 years. I’d say they suffered from the Harry Potter syndrome; I imagined the characters as young children even in the book 5 and 6 when they are clearly growing up at an alarming rate. Perhaps it is the lack of agency human beings have in the book here that makes them appear infantile. And I don’t like infantile characters at all.

I’m not sufficiently interested in the sequel to read it any time soon, but perhaps one day.

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