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10 Reasons I Love Being a Blogger 

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

It’s a wonderful theme the girls came up with. 😀 It was time I made a short analysis of the perks and drawbacks of being a blogger. My 1st anniversary of blogging on WordPress is coming up on 9th of March and I’ve got lots to think about. Blogging and book blogging in particular has impacted my life in unexpected ways – I’m reading a ton of books again, returning to my roots, so to speak. I did not imagine that when I started my blog. 😀

Here’s the list why I love being a blogger:

1. The Community – I’ve met several wonderful fellow readers through my blogging and I hope we become fast friends. I don’t know if I’m lucky but book bloggers are the nicest people on the internet in my experience. Even if we disagree on books, the comments and conversations never turn insulting or nasty. Freedom to have your own opinion is respected here. 😀

2. Giveaways – I haven’t won anything yet, I love the idea though. Winning a book or a gift card for Amazon/Book Depository is a little Christmas come early. Isn’t it wonderful people are generous with their money that they share it to support our book addiction?

3. Reviews – I like both reading and writing reviews, although they are a lot of work sometimes. When people gush about their new favourites I take notice; I’ve found lots of new books and even favourites like that. Writing reviews, however, is a pleasant way to practice both my writing and observation skills. I’m a better reader, keeping my eye on details and ways to improve characterisation and plot.

4. Memes – Whenever I’m at a loss what to write for my posts the memes I see other bloggers use help me out. They can range from list of books they’ve read or bought recently to more insightful ruminations about books and writing in general. I like Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve been eyeing other memes recently.

5. Free Books – I first learned about ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies) through fellow bloggers. Now I’m a member of NetGalley as well. It’s a wonderful idea – we get to read books for free and help writers at the same time.

6. Bookish Events – Whether it’s a Banned Book Week, Tolkien Week, a Read-a-thon, or anything else connected with books it’s always a pleasure to participate in. My one regret is that I did not participate in more last year, so I’m hoping to change that this year.

7. Replies and likes – I’m always really happy when people like my posts and even more when they leave a few words. I try to reply to all of them and if they have a blog, I usually follow them back.

8. Recommending Books – I like to talk about my favourites and sharing them with other people feels like a good deed, like I’ve made the world better by encouraging people to read. It’s also a pleasure to promote writers.

9. Goodreads – I love this site, it’s super handy and I use it to keep track of my reading. It’s also one of the sites my posts have a link to in case my readers want to compare my review to other people’s opinion.

10. Book Adaptations – I’m on the lookout for good adaptations of my favourite books and I take my time to post about them, how successful the transition was, whether actors did a good job, how beautiful the costumes were, etc.

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love memes, because I can get to visit other blogs and see what everyone is reading! I often find brilliant recommendations on these blogs! 😀 The book blogging community is so lovely. Great list!

  2. Great picks! I agree with giveaways and comments and likes, totally forgot about them! 🙂
    Book recommendations are great as well; I got so many off other blogs it’s insane. That’s why my TBR is so huge! 🙂

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