Sleet, Ice, and Tea Lights

Weather in my country has wreaked havoc in the past few days but fortunately enough my region has not been hit the hardest. That does not mean there’s no damage in the forests, on the electric infrastructure, or houses. We’ve been without electricity five times yesterday evening alone while power lines are being restored. How lucky I went through a decoration phase when I’ve collected several tea light stands. They truly came in handy. You only realise how dark the night is once you rely on candle light to light a room or walk the stairs.

There’s still thousand of houses without power and people without proper heating and safe drinking water. I hope help from our voluntary firemen will make the wait bearable. It will take months to clear the damage, though, the most extensive being in Primorska and Notranjska region. (link to an article describing the situation in detail – in English)

Weather this winter sure is unpredictable – one week we have temperatures up to 12 °C, the next we get snow and ice, and then several day’s worth of sleet. The trees around the house still have about 2-3 cm of ice on their branches, but it is slowly shed as the sun warms the dark bark. It sounds like the world is made of crackling sleet and crumbling pieces falling to the ice-covered snow blanket, scuttling along the slippery surface with a tinkling sound. The air is just filled with these clinking sounds. On one hand everything looks like a winter wonderland, sparkling in the sun, but walking under a tree is mortally dangerous right now. I barely avoided getting a pile of ice on my head while taking our dog on a short walk.

I hope the weather comes to its senses and doesn’t surprise us like this again. I don’t think my country can take it – we have a natural disaster of some kind almost every year. Whether it’s draught, floods, some kind of fungus or bacterial epidemic among crops, earth slides or sleet; for one thing, no one can say life is ever boring. And that is putting it mildly.


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