Monday Resolutions and a Rant

Monday res_5

The weather is still crazy – raining one day, then snow, freezing temperatures at night. “It is dangerous business, walking out your door,” as Bilbo would say. Ice is everywhere – on the road, the roof, on trees… There’re already been some power outages, thankfully in the very early mornings when I’m still in bed. My Kobo has enough power that I’m in no danger of losing my reading time, whether there’s power in the night or no. 😀 Fabulous.

Less fabulous are the healing blisters on my arms from shovelling the snow and scraping off the ice. Our neighbours are still clueless about the function of a snow shovel and when they manage to magically procure one, they just clean two narrow lanes for the tires. Brilliant logic, isn’t it? *hear my sarcasm* They somehow forget that snow melts a little during the day and then freezes to ice during the night, not to mention that with the icy rain we’re having, the entire hill turns into a suicide slide. Having a clean road, albeit one covered in ice before (our) rock salt melts it down, is somehow deemed a waste of time and muscle. I mean, my mother, who’s older than the neighbours by at least 8-10 years, shovels snow like a pro while they sit in their house and wait for us to do the job. And then they have the gall to come out (on a short walk with the two youngest children – just where we’ve cleared the road, mind) go past us still wielding the shovels and say neither thank you or offer help. Talk about ungrateful.

Enough of negativity, although I feel better having written it down. The gif has made my day already. It so sums up me when I came through the door that day. 😀 Oh the things one can write about neighbours being basically very flawed human beings. If only they tried to do better. You know what I mean?

So, my resolutions are the following:

  • Study some more (exams are almost there!) and get some advance reading on one course that will be the death of me come May. Also – finish the translations I’ve got due at the close of February.
  • Watch a great movie (because I need to rest my eyes a bit from all the reading) and be more sociable with my family. TV channels these days broadcast movies that either bore me out of my mind, turn my stomach, or I’ve seen hundred of times already. What’s up with this people? How come there’s nothing on the telly when I’ve got time and inclination to watch it and a myriad of great movies when I don’t? Murphy?
  • Read at least two books for my reading challenges before going to bed. Kindle freebies – now is your time. 😀
  • We’ll see how it goes with my reading challenges; so far I’ve managed to find books that fall into two or more at the same time. Isn’t it nice to hit two birds with one stone? Goodreads comes through once again. 😀

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