Movie anticipation 12 – The Fault in Our Stars

OR_The-Fault-in-Our-Stars-2014-movie-Wallpaper-1280x800-1000x625Movie Anticipation – The Fault in Our Stars

This book had me crying like a baby in the latter half, but it is also a story that leaves you with warm feelings in the end. You really start to believe in the power of love, of living your life to the full despite a dark prognosis and the unsure count of days. I loved Augustus and Hazel, they are so perfect together. This trailer recalled all those feelings I had while I was reading their story. The casting is perfect although I imagined Augustus a bit differently, but Hazel is almost the exact image I had in my mind. It’s almost scary.

I hope to catch this in the movies although I think it would be a smarter move to wait for the DVD. I’m not comfortable crying in public and I’ve got the feeling I wouldn’t be able to hold back my emotions once things start to unravel.

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