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Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In

It’s time for a new meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I think any dystopia would figure in here. It’s hard to find other books with worlds you really wouldn’t want to visit, let alone live in. There’s always something utterly fascinating about new, exotic societies, and far futures. I have a few deal breakers that sour my fascination with the most original, amazing, and fantastic world. Any world with mediocre medical care is a no-no, the same goes for strictly patriarchal societies. I couldn’t live there without choking on the lack of freedoms and the repressive roles of women.  Religion heavy worlds with zero dissident tolerance and strong ecclesiastic hierarchy are the next category.

So here are the worlds that made me cringe back in horror at the mere though of spending any quality time there let alone having to live out my life in them.

1.Panem of The Hunger Game
–  Self-explanatory to anyone who read the books or saw the movies.

2.The Republic of Gilead of The Handmaid’s Tale
–  I’d go crazy in a society portrayed here, even if I were one of the privileged ones; women as possessions and breeding stock is just barbaric and sick.

3.The alternate America/world of The Sookie Stackhouse series
– Vampires in real life? Um, no thanks. Especially since there seems to be no end to supernatural beings the more books I’ve read. I have a feeling ‘ordinary’ people are in the minority here. It gets really boring once you realise every character of importance is supernatural and that both ordinary and supernatural beings ge the short end of the stick most of the time.

4.Mortal Instruments universe
–  Again – the profusion of creatures, demons, and other beings that are just a hair’s breadth from you is too much for me. I like some space between potential death by fang or magic, thank you.

5.World War Z world
– Zombies are not my favourite creatures and these ones here are too scary to describe properly in just a few words. Zombies that survive under water and form whole armies?! Yikes. I’d never wish to live in a world where everyone is a potential killer either. Can you imagine stepping foot in a hospital or a construction site there? Ugh, the horror.


6.The Chaos Walking world
– A world where you can hear everyone’s thoughts sounds kind of awesome at first, but the truth is far from it. The treatment of women makes it a very unpalatable idea to live in such a world and society. So, I definitely wouldn’t wish to land here and I’ve read only the first book of the series.

7.Brave New World
–  Ok, being created on a production line and your life mapped out from start to finish is just disgusting. The way sex and love are treated here is equally appalling. Women are treated like sexual objects and programmed to find nothing wrong with it. Ugh, give me a break!

8.The Divergent city
– Being stuck in one part of the city for the rest of your life sounds like torture to me. Not to mention the decision for one faction only and handing in of your brain in effect. Erm, I’d rather keep my independence and the ability to think for myself without being constrained by some arbitrary rules about proper Candor, Amity or other faction behaviour.

9.Angelfall world
– This dystopia is so chilling I’m in two minds about reading the sequel. There seems to be no benefit at all to the supernatural (angelic) presence in the world. It’s just pure exploitation of the humans.

10.The BDSM world of The Original Sinners series
The Siren made it clear I’m not ok with D/s dynamics presented here. I draw the line at voyeurism, swapping of partners, chains, lashes, public humiliation, sex with minors etc… So, nothing for me here, really.


4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Interesting list, these worlds really don’t sound exactly appealing :). My boyfriend read Brave New World and he was horrified by it, so now I know what he meant :/. But I will still read it, I even own a copy. I think I want to read World War Z even if I saw the movie, they say the book is a bit different? I quite like zombies if they’re done right 🙂 BDSM is really not my cup of tea, I can’t even think about these things, much less read books about this stuff.

    • Yes, ‘Brave New World’ can really turn your stomach. :S

      I’d recommend ‘World War Z’ because it is nothing like the movie. It is more of a collection of stories from across the world and how different nations and people dealt with the crisis. I was amazed at the variety of scenarios and horrified by the zombies and the tragedies. These zombies are certainly done right. 😉

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