Birthday Present

It’s my birthday today. 😀

My Christmas wish finally came true; I’ve got an e-book reader!

I’ve wanted it for the last year and I seriously started collecting money to buy one in the last months when my family decided to surprise me and got me a Kobo Glo with a 20 GB Micro SD card. OMG! Isn’t that awesome, fantastic, brilliant, and considerate of them; I love them to bits. I’m so happy. My reading habit will soar with it. 😀

I’ve already moved my large e-book collection from my computer to the device, taking my time to form collections and get familiar with the device. I love it, it’s amazingly simple to navigate, which is not something I can claim about the bookstore site. Now I have to get my hands on more of the free classics and enjoy my ARCs. 😀



3 responses to “Birthday Present

  1. I totally missed this post, sorry! A very belated happy birthday! 😀 Yaaay, what a great gift! When I got my kindle I started reading so much more, so you can probably expect the same 😀 enjoy! 🙂

    • Thank you. 😀 It’s glued to my hands these days. Hehe. I don’t think I’ve read so much in my life. 😀 I love it and I really need to find a cute name for it – it’s kind of tradition in my family to name machines you really like.

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