Top Ten Tuesday

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10 Things On My Reading Wish-list

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

My birthday’s coming up, so I’d be really happy if I found books with the following elements, preferably with only one or two at the time; having more than that would make it one strange book for sure. 😀

  1. Time travel – I have a weakness for stories with time-twists, actual time travelling and alternative timelines. I’d love to read a great book, sci-fi or otherwise that would incorporate it in some meaningful way.
  2. Feminist dystopia – I must find a book with only female or only male society, or some similar dystopian take on the problems we as a modern society must face.
  3. A new magic system – I’m tired of the old wand or elements style magic, even Wicca. I want something fresh, something that will make me go ‘wow’ and think about even after I’ve read the books and the story’s over.
  4. Slow-burn romance – a really freaking awesome romance that wouldn’t involve insta-love, crazy and overboard lust, or the usual hate-love scenario. Why not write something that develops gradually, naturally, like emotions creeping over you unawares?
  5. Old Slavic tribes – I miss a good historical fantasy about Slavic tribes that is not heavy on religion. Those times are a treasure-trove of good, dramatic stories, conflicts, heroism and other elements that make up a good novel.
  6. Celtic tribes – the same as the previous one. I’d love to read about the many kingdoms they had in Europe before Rome smashed them to pieces. Perhaps stories about Ireland would be ok, but I’m interested in continental Celts.
  7. Prehistoric time setting – I want a story similar, but infinitely better than The Clan of the Cave Bear. I’d love to read it and I sense a definite craving for ancient history in my stories. *laughs*
  8. Ordinary main character – I’d love to see a character in a paranormal/supernatural/fantasy novel that has no special powers, magic, birth secret… and who still kicks ass. Let’s be real – I’m kind of tired of the usual super-power heroines and heroes. They don’t need to be a special snowflake to be noteworthy.
  9. Character has a normal family – why are heroes always orphans? I want to see a functional family raise a hero; no absent parents, abuse of any kind, dead siblings, etc.
  10. Male characters treating women right – I want them to treat all women right, even if they are alpha males. That treatment doesn’t extend only to his family and love interest, but all women. I’m sick of rakes, men abusing women or abuse/ordering around being presented as love – it isn’t. I want gentlemen that don’t come off as spineless.

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. These are some really great ideas! 🙂 if you find any books with Old Slavic or Celtic tribes, please let me know, I want to read them too. I’d love to read books with prehistoric time setting, but I haven’t read The Clan of the Cave Bear yet. And I would like to read about a good romance and new magic systems! And feminist dystopia, too, of course. I see you loved The Handmaid’s Tale, I can’t wait to read it!

    • Thank you – I’m a history nut, so I love such books. I’ve kind of tired of he usual Victorian, Tudor, or Regency setting though. Maybe it’s time I read some novels in Roman and Pre-historic settings, but I’ll have to do some research to get good ones. 😀

      The Clan of the Cave Bears has its moments, but it is also a very flawed series, especially the later books.I believe the slovene book Bobri is a good novel set in Ljubljansko barje. I’d recommend it. The same goes for The Handmaid’s Tale (which I seem to include in a lot of my lists… erm, maybe I should read more feminist dystopias to get some divesity).

      Do you know of any books with good magic systems?

  2. You should read some Margaret Atwood for feminist dystopian (if you haven’t), but I’m also really interested in that one. That could potentially be awesome.

    • Thank you for the tip; I plan to read two of her books at least this year – for my gca challenge. I’m always on the look-out for more ideas, of course. 😀

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