Top Ten Tuesday

New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

The list of authors I’ve read for the first time is pretty long this year. I’ll limit myself to ten whose works left a lasting impression and whose other books I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up. I think this is a good criterion to work with and one you can use to reduce a large TBR pile.

Click on the name for their GR profile:

  1. Barbara Kingsolver: I read two of her novels, the first one being The Poisonwood Bible, the second The Lacuna. Both books are now firmly in  my favourites list and I can’t wait to get my hands on her other novels.
  2. Margaret Atwood: I’ve read only one novel of hers – the chilling dystopia The Handmaid’s Tale – however, I’ve already got my hands on Oryx and Crake. Expect to see her works listed in my TBR throughout 2014. I’ve some serious catching up to do.
  3. Laini Taylor: Her series The Daughter of Smoke and Bone has made me a huge fan of her writing. I’m eagerly waiting for the last book in the series.
  4. Veronica Roth: I devoured the first two books in her Divergent series, but the somewhat lackluster reactions to the latest novel has me wary of starting it. Next year or during the holidays, I promise. I’m still unsure about the movie, to be honest.
  5. Tess Gerritsen: I don’t usually read a lot of thrillers or crime novels, but I really liked the book I picked up during a sale, so I’ll slowly make my way through her series, starting with The Surgeon in a few days. I’m usually so careful to avoid reading books out-of-order, yet somehow Ice Cold snuck up on me and made me an instant fan.
  6. David Mitchell: OMG, where to start? I love, love Cloud Atlas. It’s an amazing novel with brilliant writing, characterisation, and message. I hope his other novels are close to the level of brilliance this book has achieved.
  7. Frank Herbert: I’m a latecomer to his fantastic sci-fi series Dune, so I’ve got an entire series to enjoy in the next year/s. In a way that is a good thing, but I still believe I’ve missed out on a lot of things in my teenage years Just what was I reading those days?
  8. Neil Gaiman: I’ve read two book he wrote on his own this year (I’ve read Good Omens he co-authored with Terry Pratchett years before , but that doesn’t count)  and I’m hoping to read more next year. I like his love of cats, being a cat person myself, and I’m impressed how chilling his monstrous characters can be. They scare me to bits and I’m not easily spooked.
  9. Rick Riordan: I’m so glad I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and picked up the spin-off. These books are such and endless sea of fun I really love them. Kids these days are reading some fantastic stuff. I’m hoping I’ll get to read The House of Hades one of these days.
  10. John Green: You’ve broken my heart. The Fault in Our Stars is such a beautiful read I must pick up another novel of yours and hopefully find a more uplifting ending to a tale.

4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

    • Yeah – I hate waiting for books to come out. Then again, I’m always on the lookout for new series and the inevitable frustration. *shrug*

    • Thank you! I’ve seen you’ve got some books on your list that I intend to read next year – Eleanor and Park, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Unearthly. 😀 Can’t wait.

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