Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014

Blog of Erised is hosting a yearly reading challenge that I find very exciting. The theme of the challenge is dystopias, a genre very much to my liking. The magic number of books is 24, or 2 books per month. And what is the best thing about the challenge – you get to choose the books yourself. Isn’t that awesome? You can even reread some of your old favourites.

I wasn’t ready to participate this year, being new to reading challenges, but I’m signing up for 2014. If you’re interested, just click on the above link and sign up yourself.

Ula is a nice girl with a wonderful book-loving blog, so check out her other posts as well. She has a good eye for new releases and kindle freebies.



3 responses to “Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014

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  2. I saw your site and thought I could suggest a dystopian fiction ebook I just finished co-authoring. It’s called The OBSTACLE, and is available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo.com. Paperback will follow soon. Be sure to read the sample (longer excerpt is on Amazon – 17,000+ words).

    I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

    – Chris



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