Visit to a Local Book Fair


Ljubljana hosts its 29th Annual Book Fair (website – Slovene only) this week. I took the opportunity to browse the stalls, picking up a few paperbacks at a discounted price. I so love a bargain I couldn’t refuse. In the end I spent more than I decided the day before, but who cares – I’m a proud owner of 5 brand new books now. 😀

Here there are:

  1. The Fault in Our Stars (John Greene)
  2. Island Beneath the Sea (Isabel Allende)
  3. Fingersmith (Sarah Waters)
  4. Days of Blood and Starlight (Laini Taylor)
  5. The Book Thief (Markus Suzak)

I’ve read the last two books already, having borrowed their English originals, but I wanted to support the authors and thus bought the books. Now I’ve got a firm prohibition from buying any more until Christmas. My wallet definitely can’t take it and I still got a sizeable pile of unread books at home. There will be no shortage of reading material next year if this goes on – certainly, I’ve got little space left where to put them. Christmas isn’t that far now and I expect it will include books. Can’t wait! 😀

woman reading (Alexander Deineka)

Woman Reading (Alexander Deineka)


2 responses to “Visit to a Local Book Fair

  1. I wanted to go yesterday, but didn’t have time in the end after class. Maybe next year.
    Are we getting Taylor translated? Because that would be great! 🙂 Or at least stock the books in the stores, that would be something 🙂

  2. Taylor has both books translated into Slovene – and you can buy them as paperbacks. I think the second book got released just recently. 😀
    I believe MK is taking full advantage of GR and other information channels to decide which books to translate. They’ve started to catch up to series before they wrap up.

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