Monday Resolutions



I must finish my two current reads this week – one book for my studies (Rage and Time), the other for my reading challenge (Citadel). Both books are really interesting but my reading is awfully slow these days since I have far too many obligations. I hate it since reading is the time when I get to unwind and recharge.  Setting a timeline on books may help me to finish early, yet it takes away from that relaxed feeling. Yet timelines become crucial when dealing with library loans. I wonder if summer’s late fees taught me a lesson.

TBR List

I should start thinking about a realistic winter TBR since December represents the month when all my study obligations start to pile up. It’s also the time when I have to start preparing for exams, at least by reading through the literature. More successfully finished exams in winter time, less exams in the summer; and more free time to enjoy the heck out of my TBR pile. 😀


I plan several visits to the cinema. I’ll definitely check out 12 Years as a Slave and the newest instalment of Hunger Games. And while I’m talking of movies – the day the Hobbit comes out is getting near!!! I’m already fan-girling, so the movie better not disappoint me.


Monday became de facto day when I write my posts and schedule them so I have one hassle less to deal with. It has proven to be an effective way to keep regular updates since I find little time to do so during the week. I’m happy I’ve become a more reliable blogger.


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