Just some words I need to take to heart this week. It’s been crazy – no time to do anything else but school work, read the large amount of books for my papers and presentations, and no actual writing done. I did get some great ideas and composed dialogues in my free moments, but I need to transfer them into my word file.

Oh, I did catch an episode or two of my shows to unwind when I really couldn’t think straight anymore; so don’t ask what they were about, I honestly don’t know.

I catch about six hours of sleep daily, which is actually enough of sleep for a grown-up, but I need a bit more to keep up with the level of participation and attention my classes demand. I almost nodded off during a late-hour lecture yesterday – a shocker for me. I was just resting my eyes, honestly, not actually sleeping, but it was damn close.  I prepared today with lots of coffee in the afternoon, so I could be alert untill 9 pm when class wrapped up.

(Lots of caffeine did not help with my temper – I’m sure my colleagues believe I’ll be a very strict teacher/professor in the future. I’m honestly not keen on dishing out disciplinary sanctions or punishments, but hey, when professor asked what else one could do in a given situation, I provided the answer.)



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