Monday Resolutions

This is a weekly meme where I lay down my goals for the week. They topics can range from reading, writing, to other projects I have in work.


My resolution for the week is pretty simple – write as much for NaNoWriMo as possible to make a head-start since the entire month promises to be quite work heavy. So far I’m not doing all that good. I promise to do better, at least I should write down every crazy idea I get in my head. NO editing!

writing (1)


My second goal is to finish reading Mary Barton since it’s a book that fits one of my reading challenge categories. It’ll take me a long time as I’m not all that enthusiastic about it but I’m stubborn. Then I will finish Citadel, which also happens to fit a reading challenge. Aren’t I lucky in my choice of reading material, even if it takes me several weeks or months to finish?

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Me: “I must not buy a pile of books.”

My Wallet: “Repeat.”

Me: “I must not buy a pile of books.”

Well, perhaps that will help. I’ve been itching for some retail therapy the last few days. Looking through my TBR shelf and some discounted books did not help me check the urge but my account balance sure checked me. I still have some serious winter wardrobe shopping to do and I should wait to splurge on a great winter coat. I sorely need it. So, I will buy myself books only for Christmas or when I’ve finished reading the ones I have at home on my shelf.



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