Monday Resolutions – Reading Goals

This is my new meme where I write down the most important goals of the week. The topics can range from reading, writing, and other projects. It’s a sort of pep-talk for me. 😀

Reading goals

I hope to finish reading The Lacuna, a book I started in September. I still have 400 pages left but I’m determined to find the time, especially since I’ve still got 3 challenge books to read. If I make it that will be by the skin of my teeth. I’ve picked out shorter novels, so it shouldn’t be that hard, but anything can happen to disrupt my reading schedule.

The first challenge book has to be placed on a ranch or have cowboys as main characters. No biggie – there’s a ton of mindless romance books starring horse-riding heroes. I may even enjoy the read. I’m not counting on it though.

The second challenge book must one you’ve read in the past and which really left a mark on you. To decide which one among my favourites changed my life in a positive way the most is not  that hard, the problem is to find a book that isn’t 500+ pages long.  Perhaps looking through my stack of childhood and early teenage years books would be the answer? I really don’t wish to read the Hobbit again and be spoiled horribly for the next movie. I like that I don’t know every little detail anymore.

The last book must be a horror/psychological thriller from Stephen King; appropriate for October. It inspired me to look up books I’ve never had the time or inclination to read before. Breaking out of old habits is always a positive thing.


Writing goals

I hope to update my blog more regularly than before. I’m also thinking of signing up for NaNoWriMo again this year despite my miserable failure last time. The problem is that I’m not entirely decided yet what to write about. I might as well start again with my last year’s project and rewrite the entire thing from scratch. On the other hand, my fanfiction hasn’t been updated in an age despite the plot bunnies multiplying like mad.

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