Reading – Cloud Atlas and The Citadel

I’ve finished reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell a day ago.  It was just as fantastic as the movie (my review), with added details and fleshed out scenes. I was surprised they actually managed to give us the majority of the book and changed only a few things here and there. If I compare this adaptation to The Lord of the Rings movies, I can claim they managed to be more faithful than Peter Jackson.

I love this book and I’m getting a copy of my own for my favourites shelf at home. It would be a shame if I did not have it. Good authors must be rewarded with our financial support, no? I’m really thankful to the movie producers for making me aware of this book.

tumblr_mctcteoG4W1qcvf6mI’m still reading the book I started almost three weeks ago – The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s one of the books on my 1001 books challenge list, so I tackled it. it’s not going so well, I’m afraid. The plot and characters are bizarre, which is a big turn-off for me, but I’m soldiering on. I may have to force myself to continue though, especially if the large book order I’ve placed on Sunday gets delivered by the end of the week. Well, the library will want the book back by then as well, so I better find the time and the motivation. Not an easy feat.


In an attempt to catch up to my fall reading challenge I started the last book of the Languedoc trilogy by Kate Mosse – The Citadel.

The first book was a surprise find that I really enjoyed despite its length and complicated plot. Some people don’t care much for the timeline jumps and mysteries, I love them.

I’ve finished the second book in September when I couldn’t sleep for worry. Now I hope I’ll read it as fast because I enjoy it so much.

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