Movie Anticipation 11 – Divergent

Another movie adaptation of a book I’ve enjoyed this year. I don’t know what is this sorcery – it almost seems the universe is intent on dragging me to the cinema, cash or no cash. What am I going to do with my plans of buying out the bookstore, huh?

The funny thing is that this particular movie caught my interest while City of Bones did not, both being aimed at young adults. And yeah, I know that the dystopian theme and the female protagonist make Divergent similar in some way to The Hunger Games, yet to me they are almost like night and day. Divergent plays out in one community while the Hunger Games universe plays out across and entire continent. This impacts the storylines considerably, not to mention that the male cast of Divergent is fleshed out better and the romance more believable. We’ll see how that translates to the screen and if it truly can become a worthy rival of the Hunger Games franchise.


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