Movie Anticipation 10 – The Book Thief

I’ve read the book earlier this year and loved it despite its flaws, so I’m really glad a movie adaptation was made. I think I knew there was talk of a movie but I didn’t pay much attention, thinking it a long way off. How silly of me. The trailer is already out and a fantastic one it is, too. They’ve taken the best of the book, so I’m hoping to catch this movie at the cinema.

Movies about Nazi Germany are usually really depressing, but I hope that the underlying messages and emotions of the book transform this movie into more than just a tale of childhood in time of war. Perhaps it would be appropriate to say that the themes resonate with the depressing situation in Syria and other war zones around the world. Perhaps a reminder from the past would be enough to finally motivate the world to do something about it? One can only hope.



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