How I discovered a love for Audiobooks

I’ve just finished the audiobook narrated by Neil Gaiman; it’s his Ocean at the End of the Lane novel. I loved the story and I will write a lengthy review soon, I just wished to share my joy with you at the moment. It was amazing to ‘read’ the novel in this way and I understand now why so many people enjoy them.

I could fold clothes, iron or do anything else that did not demand my full focus. Audiobooks are a great medium for people from young children to busy adults. I know they are a great help for the blind and other people with impaired vision, but they are so much more than that. They are an art. A good narrator gives another dimension to the novels he reads and plays out.

What attracts me the most at this time is that I can finish my chores and enjoy a good book at the same time. Granted, I could not listen to the book in bed because I ultimately nodded off for a few minutes and had to listen to the passages again but that also happens if I read a paperback that late at night. I’m hooked on audiobooks all the same.

I’ve only ever listened to a few chapters of the Lord of the Rings on the train, but I got annoyed by the ambient noise since it made me miss a few words from time to time and I did not like to have the volume turned up so loud. I know how annoying it can get when you ‘share’ your mp3 player’s content. That was about 3 years ago, I think.

Now I think I’ve figured it out; I’ll listen to audiobooks in the quiet parts of my day when my eyesight and hands must be engaged but not my ears. That way I’ll get to enjoy more books and even expand my vocabulary and practice my British English pronunciation. A winner, I think.

3 responses to “How I discovered a love for Audiobooks

  1. I haven’t listened to any audiobook yet, but I’m curious to see how that works 🙂 Sometimes it would be nice just to listen instead of reading all day. Can I ask where do you get them, since you’re from Slovenia too?

    • You can find many classics on the net since audiobooks are a useful tool for vision impaired and many volunteers offer them for free. You can also look for them on YouTube, or use a torrent (a less legal option, especially if you’re looking for newer books under copyright). Otherwise, I think Slovenia does not hold many audiobooks, but I would check bigger libraries before throwing in the towel.

      Veliko uspeha! 😀

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