Movie Anticipation 09 – Catching Fire

FIN03-Idiom-1Sht-QQ-Katniss-1-jpg_171249I waited for this movie ever since I read the books. I hope it delivers as it should since the first movie fell short in some regards. I was not happy with the way the mockingjay pin found its way into Katniss’ hands. It was a real shame, so I hope they learned from their mistakes and made a fantastic movie for us.

I love the trailer; it is action packed and subtly dark in tone, just as the book. That I get to see several prominent characters on the big screen is another bonus. I sometimes have a hard time holding on to the details and having a visual portrayal of a character helps me with remembering other important stuff as well. My memory of the book isn’t exactly stellar – somehow, I think that will not be a problem. Just please, don’t disappoint me…


2 responses to “Movie Anticipation 09 – Catching Fire

  1. Sorry, but it has been revealed that there are going to be a few changes.One of them will be that Peeta will be a bit manlier. Also, check out my blog – yet another hunger games fansite

  2. I am excited for Catching Fire! I read on MTV online yesterday that the director has made a few changes to the story, specifically to Peeta’s character. The relationship with Katniss stays the same but they have “manned him up a little”, in the words of the director. Other than that, it sounds like they are sticking pretty faithfully to the novel.

    For the most part, I liked the first movie although I agree with you about the mockingjay pin. Also, I think Gale and Katniss’s relationship should have been explored more in the first movie. I wrote a detailed review of the first movie here (

    I hope you don’t mind me linking to it. I don’t often link to my own blog as I think it’s not great blogging etiquette. But I thought you might be interested in reading my review. It’s always nice to connect with another Hunger Games fan! 🙂 Have a great Sunday.

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