Reading The Poisonwood Bible

Poisonwood BibleI’ve started my 7th reading challenge book, much to my family’s amazement and entertainment. They’ve begun to joke that there appears to be a new book in my hand every day – like magic – and that the supply never falters. My father already said in jest that they better construct me a few bookshelves or there’ll be no space left in my room. Of course it’s far from that – I’ve dedicated only three one foot long shelves for books, nothing more. And there’s still space plenty. But I am amazed at the pace I am going through books nonetheless.

I’m looking forward to reading about Africa and about a time period that is set in the 20th century. Most books in my reading challenge so far were set in the late 18th and in the 19th century Europe. The Alchemist too is taking place around the late 19th century, or so it appeared to me.

The Poisonwood Bible promises to be a great read, so I hope I won’t be disappointed. I have enjoyed all books from the list so far.


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