Song of the Week – 27

I’ve finally watched the movie Les Misérables. The performance of Anne Hathaway blew my mind and it remains the most memorable scene of the entire movie. I’m almost sorry for other actors who poured their hearts out in their own performances to be so overshadowed by her, yet that’s how it is. I love the song and I’ve cried several times while listening to it in the following days. It just gets me right in the heart. So, this is definitely the song that impacted my week the most.

Song of the week is:

Anne Hathaway – I dreamed a dream


2 responses to “Song of the Week – 27

  1. Absolutely wonderful! I would love you to have a look at my rendition of the same song,

    It is possibly my favourite ever song to perform, I hope you like it!
    Best wishes, Georgia x

  2. Wonderful! Thank you – this is a nice surprise. You’ve done an amazing job with the song. I think the quality of the audio (or my headphones) does not do your voice justice in the video. I looked up your rendition of Ave Maria and I can tell you’ve got an amazing voice, so it’s a shame the first video isn’t on the same level. I’ve always had a soft spot for classically trained voices. I’ll definitely look at more of your videos in the next days. 🙂

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