Book Review 09 – A Tale of Two Cities

Tale of two citiesA Tale of Two Cities

(Charles Dickens)

Rating: 5 stars

The 1st book of my Summer Reading Challenge and what a start it is. Dickens rarely disappoints and that is doubly true for his shorter novels. I find that he tends to ramble in his longer works, but here the stroy unfolds slowly but steadily.

This may turn out my favourite Dickens novel (I haven’t read all of them yet). It has mysteries, romance and the turbulent times of the French Revolution as a backdrop of the later part of the novel. Dickens doesn’t spare us details and how could he if he wished to illustrate the causes and consequences of the events?

I like the characters, as much as I can when they are portrayed almost as stock figures. They may appear flat and what-you-see-is-what-you-get most of the time, but let that not put you away from the novel. I promise you won’t be bored even though the pace of the plot is kind of slow, at least in the beginning. Enter the third part of the novel and things evolve at an almost frightening pace.

The ending will make you shed a few tears or at least be near them. You’ll never expect it either, but I won’t say more in fear of spoiling it. It is certainly the ending that makes it a 5 star novel, believe me. Dickens always knows how to satisfy his readers. Know that it will be the bloodiest by far.

The opening lines are perfect, but the closing ones are not any less great. In short – a recommended read when you’re in the mood for some Victorian classics.

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