Summer Solstice

Summer’s officially begun! 😀

It’s a time of hot weather, tanned skin, bright colours, straw hats, sandals and chilled beverages. There’s an abundance of fresh fruit – from oranges, peaches, plums, grapes, early apples, to berries –  lots of ice cream, iced coffee, mineral water and fresh juice. Summer is the season for open-air cinema, lounging in the shade with a book, painted toe-nails, gipsy style earrings and late evening walks. It is also a time of heavy storms, heat waves, and draught. Tourist places are crowded to the brim, beaches are packed with families, cars on motorways and at the borders move at a snail’s pace. Everything good is balanced.

Still, I love the long warm days, a gentle breeze on my skin, and other delights summer brings with it. I can even take the moodiness of my family members when the heat gets too much for them. There’s always something to look forward to after all.



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