Summer Diaries 01 – Magic of Fireflies

These last days are so hot that I sometimes wish for an icy cold dip into an ocean or alpine river. Seriously – the only time you can spend in comfort is in late night hours and very early mornings. I love sunshine and summer, but to survive the noon hours without turning into a fountain of sweat is a feat. It helps that there’s a constant breeze, so at least I’m able to sit in the shade and read my books. Another bonus is that I’m slowly getting tan without any danger of being sunburnt. I don’t even need sunscreen – how fabulous is that?

So, after another hot day, we opened up all windows to let the fresh night’s breeze into the house. To avoid an onslaught of insects, especially mosquitoes, we did not light any lamps. We watched the TV in the dark – just until it would be cold enough to close up some of the windows. Then it happened. A small green light slowly found its way into the room; then another, and another. Before long a small number of fireflies were on the way to the other side of the house and out the open window.

Art by Kiril Stanchev

We jumped up, the movie forgotten and stood on the terrace. The neighbouring meadow was a sea of lights that meandered among the tall grass, lighting up the night with their green fire. It was magical, especially with the sound of crickets pregnant in the air, the lingering heat and the starry sky. It was so perfect a sight – one that I’ve never experienced so close before. I don’t know how or why, but this was my first encounter with fireflies that I can remember. And there were so many of them!

I love fireflies. I’ve loved them in Japanese animes. They are my symbols of summer, of the mysterious and beautiful in nature. I hope to see them again soon. 😀

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