Popcorn bowl 09 – Liberal Arts

A surprise gem of a movie I caught on the TV, which is a rare occurrence, to be honest, since I don’t watch that much TV in the evenings. (Though one could easily disagree with this statement when looking at the number of series I watch – blame my timetable and easy access to a computer.) Well, summer season will certainly change that – it’s tradition to watch a movie together with my family during the long summer days, although catching those early ones (at 8pm) is kind of miracle.

Liberal Arts is a simple movie with an amazing score – I’m seriously in love with the soundtrack and I’ve spent some time looking for the classical pieces on YouTube. They are now the songs I turn to when I wish to relax or when I go to sleep. There’s nothing better to listen to in order to unwind. And those were the best of the scenes in the movie, too.

The story itself is straightforward – we have a 35 years old alumnus who is invited by his professor to his retirement party. Jesse jumps at the chance to visit his old campus and the good old days of his student years. Although his initial view of the past is coloured by nostalgia and a desire to return back to the time when everything was possible, he grows to appreciate what he’s got.

A beautiful and heart-warming romance with a sophomore Zibby gives this story a nice twist. I loved her personality and how she made him more open and accepting about things, and I really liked him for saying no when she wanted to take things further in their relationship. He was a perfect gentleman and although she felt it unfair of him to say no, she came to realise she was better off with men closer her age. They could have made it work, but it was unlikely due to the distance between them both physically and in terms of their age. Jesse felt off about taking advantage of her feelings, so I was really glad he did the right thing.

I was half way in love with him then he went and had a one-night stand with his Romantics professor. That I did not like at all but it proved to be the final push for him to grow up and accept his life. He even found a new love now that he did not spend all his time brooding. Anna was a perfect match for him and shared his love of literature.

I warmly recommend this movie. It is a delightful and easy watch. 😀


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