Movie Anticipation 06 – Elysium

A great surprise find – such a cool premise! I had no idea there was a movie like that in the making. It doesn’t hurt that two of my favourite actors star in it, now does it? Jodie Foster and Matt Damon promise a thrilling experience.


What is it with movie makers and sudden onslaught of sci-fi and dystopias? Not that I complain, but they’ve certainly found a genre to mirror our current political situation and the state of global society. Or is it that we have become more aware of it and actively try to change things around? Activists would say that movies don’t really make a difference since they are produced by some of the companies and studios which actively try to retain their monopoly on the market, but I think that such movies (although sc-fi) still impact how people think and perceive things. In a roundabout way they show us the extremes our current differences and injustices can lead to and serve as a wake-up call.

The truth is that we have a disproportionate amount of poor people and on the other hand a group of ultra wealthy individuals who control amounts of money that would easily cover entire budgets of small countries. I’m not against wealthy people – if you work hard you should be rewarded for that – but I despise the fact that a great amount of them built their empires on exploitation and slave-like conditions in the factories around the world. That I can’t get behind. If you got so much money that you don’t know what to do with it – give to charity, support research and social welfare projects. Create new jobs, help struggling communities…etc. Do good with your money. That is all I ask.

Elysium will address some of the issues that plague us and offer lots of action and sci-fi gadgets for those who don’t care that much about social commentary and look for an interesting adventure. I hope it lives up to my imagination and that it will go the way of District 9 – being an awesome movie.


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