Movie Anticipation 04 – The Wolverine

I’ve taken time to look at my favourite movie blogs and discovered several movie trailers that made me really itch to visit the cinema. Here is the first one:

The Wolverine

I’ve been a fan of the X-men franchise since the first movie came out in 2000 (X-men). I even managed to drag my brother and sister with me to the cinema (to watch a movie they only knew I was really, really interested in – huh, the power of the eldest in the family sure has gone down since then) and we were blown away by the movie. The premise and the execution of the story were superb, so we went to the cinema to watch each of the subsequent movies, except the last one X-men: First Class (2011)(which is good, by the way, but not brilliant).

That we skipped the last one is probably the fault of the weak story-telling of the X-Men Wolverine: Origins (2009). We were frustrated by that movie and thought that giving the audience more info to go on (revealing Stryker’s manipulations early on for instance) would make for a better overall storyline and tension. Instead we were left with few breadcrumbs and a feeling we were as in the dark as Logan. Not a good way to keep your audience interested, spectacular fights notwithstanding.

Therefore I really hope this movie makes up for the mistakes made there. That it is placed in Japan (one of my favourite countries) and will feature a Wolverine with diminished powers certainly is promising already. I hope I’ll catch it in the cinema and that I’ll bring my siblings with me again. I don’t like going alone to the movies after all, but I will if I have to. I’m a big girl – nothing should stand in the way of my hobbies (except an empty wallet).


In the next weeks, I’ll post about the other movies I’d love to see on the big screen. Considering the number of trailers I’ve posted in Movie Adaptations of Books, I’ll have a larger than usual number of cinema visits this year. Not bad, not bad at all 😀


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