Song of the Week – 21

When I’ve already given you one of my favourite singers last week, then there’s no harm in doing so again. His voice is easily recognizable you no doubt heard of him before. His duet with Tina Turner should spark a memory or two. When I hear a singer with a similar voice Eros is the one I immediately think of; that he’s left a strong impression is putting it mildly.

Though I can’t speak a lick of Italian, his songs are catchy enough that it does not bother me when singing along. Of course, Italians would be horrified at my butchering their beautiful language, but i don’t care. I just hope there aren’t any words or phrases that shouldn’t really be belted out on a regular basis. I still fondly remember singing along to his songs on a mix CD when travelling with my family in the summer. Fun times!

Song of the week is:

Eros Ramazzotti – Se Bastasse Una Canzone


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