Radio Series – How to become a Slovene


The Trenta valley

I’m laughing my ass off listening to the radio series on RadioSi (, a radio station designed for foreigners (with news in German, English, and Slovene, multilingual traffic reports, especially during the summer season…) and locals alike:

Everything you need to know about the long journey to becoming a Slovene. Michael moved from New York to Slovenia ten years ago and has been trying his best to adapt to his new home.

Some episodes are Slovene heavy, so you’ll probably understand about half of it, but the ones where he translates most of the dialogue are superb. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much a few times, and that is high praise. It’s always so deliciously funny to see all the absurd things certain nations and cultures are wont to do. Delightful!

This one’s my favourite:

The second favourite being (thank the stars my family isn’t like that, but I can see my grandmother do something like that – she’s always happy to fill your plate or offer more food):

And here’s a link to the YouTube playlist (with translated titles, so you’ll know what each episode is about).




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