Song of the Week – 18

Huh, I’m in the mood for the classics and since the sun has been beating down on us for the last couple of days (if not two weeks) I’m for something that brings out this summer feeling. There’s certainly been no spring this year – a sudden jump from cloudy, freezing weather into sunny  +20°C conditions has certainly been a shock. A pleasant one, admittedly, yet one my body could have done without, is all. Now I try to soak up the sun before it turns too brutal in a few weeks and I’ll have to hide inside from 11 am to 4pm or get sunburnt like last year. Not a recommended experience, as you no doubt know… and certainly not worth it just to get some colour on winter white skin. If only I was like my brother – he is nicely tanned already and that from playing basketball in the late afternoon. Life is so unfair… 😀

Song of the week is:

Bryan Adams – Summer of 69



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