Boston Marathon Tragedy

My heart goes out to all the people in Boston, to the families and loved ones of the injured and dead. It is a terrible thing to have happened, especially since this was a peaceful sporting event.

Somehow this makes it even harder for me to understand, not that such violence ever makes sense to me, but to dishonor the values a marathon stands for – strength (of will and body), endurance, and iron discipline – is just so wrong. What have these people done to a person to attack them so? Why should large public events ultimately be regarded as potentially dangerous? It just makes me so sad… and tired. In a time when we can express our thoughts freely in so many ways what possible reason could we have to use terror as our media?

There is much speculation about the identity of the bombers on the web, but I have a firm policy on such things – I refuse to jump to conclusions. I will wait for the police to present their findings before I start pointing fingers, since I really have no legitimate reason to dish out blame on anyone. The world being so tightly knit though, makes such terrible events important even for little me.

I hope America finds the strength to not be divided in the wake of Boston bombings and emerges as a country united in their determination to not let these people win. Grace, love and cooperation are the right answers now. My jogs this week are dedicated to the people of Boston. Be strong.


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