Currently watching – Broadchurch

I’ve got caught up in the fever about the British crime series Broadchurch. I blame the fans of David Tennant on the Doctor Who blogs I follow who have a never-ending supply of ideas and speculations about the killer.

Since I love a decent drama (especially one that holds its mysteries tight to its chest) and am a fan of David’s, I decided to watch the show even though I’ve got enough series on my plate. There’s been some serious prioritizing going on, I can assure you (some shows will go on a back-burner until I have time, unfortunately).

The reasonable number of episodes – that is eight – has made it easy for me to invest myself fully into the drama. Now I enjoy having almost all episodes and the ability to binge on them as I please. 😀

I love the look of the series, the mood, the music of the drama. The first episode got me hook, line, and sinker. The intensity of the drama is so brilliantly balanced there’s little doubt awards are in its future. That I’ve got to see some familiar faces (Arthur Darvill!) is a bonus I did not expect. No actor seems to be in sub-par condition here – and the writing! OMG – it is superb.

I’m so not going to spoil myself by reading more posts until I’ve watched the last episode. Ugh! Save me from myself, please… I don’t think the amount of time I spend behind a computer is healthy. I do multitask, but that’s just not cutting it anymore…

Anyone not watching this should find a way to get their hands on the episodes. Seriously. They will certainly not regret it. But be prepared for unexpected emotional responses, suspicion of all and sundry, and an unhealthy amount of curiosity about the truth of the case.

Enjoy the ride! 😀

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