Tv Ramblings 10 – Doctor Who

I love this crazy BBC TV series! 😀 I’ve started watching it in late October and now reached the latest episodes of season 7. It’s been a hell of a ride and I feel kind of bad for not watching it before. It’s got so many things I find of interest – space, history, time travel, foreign planets, aliens, mysteries and crime solving… there’s so much in this series that you’ll never be bored. You might get overwhelmed by the turns and twist, by the techno-babble and all kinds of aliens you get to see; understand one thing though – you’ll either love or hate this series.  I think there’s no way you can only ‘like it’, watch it ‘occasionally’, or be in any way just half committed to it. I’m certainly a fan. I am writing a long post about the series, aren’t I? And I have seriously considered crochet pattern Daleks on Ravelry, if you must know… if that isn’t a sign of being a fan, I don’t know what is.


The Doctors through the years


Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond inside the TARDIS

Doctor Who has a very long history; in fact year 2013 is its 50th anniversary, so you can imagine how important this series must be to the BBC and the large number of loyal fans. People are excited about any bit of information they can get. And Tumblr is full of blogs about the show, photos, gifs, and confessions about the series… So what is it all about?

Doctor Who is a series about a time-travelling space-exploring alien called the Doctor (he never, ever reveals his real name and people’s confusion about that gave the show its title – “Doctor Who?”). He belongs to an ancient race called the Time Lords who look just like us (though he will claim we look Time Lord), the difference being that they have two hearts, sharper senses and the ability to regenerate. The latter is the reason why so many actors have successfully portrayed the Doctor through the years and why the series is so popular. In essence, his entire personality and body undergo a transformation. The one constant is his ship the TARDIS, fascination with the universe, knowledge about all kinds of stuff, a need for companions, a strong sense of morals, and an unusual sense of humour.





My favourite Doctor is still and probably always will be Ten (played by the amazing David Tennant), with my favourite companion being Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). I was in such a shock once they were written out of the series that I couldn’t bear watching the next season. It was just too painful to see a completely new Doctor and companions. It took me about a month or two (and copious amounts of shippy fanfiction, Torchwood, and other series) to feel ready to tackle the new adventures of our favourite alien. I do adore Matt Smith and his portrayal of the Doctor, but I’m not in love with him as I am with David. Sorry, my heart broke with Ten. Eleven is a delectable, cute young professor type, just not the same as the loud, funny, and foxy Tenth Doctor.


Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble

Since this sci-fi show belongs to my all-time favourites, I’m going to write a post for each season: expect lots of spoilers, honest opinions on characters and their actions, some grumbling about plot points, lots of aliens, and short clips with the best of the season (courtesy of YouTube and loyal fans). It’s going to be fun.

Trailer for seasons 1-7 (with some spoilers):

Here are some links with further information on the TV series:

And just for fun – a video from the Idea Channel:  Is Doctor Who a religion?



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