Sisters Got 99 Problems: Will Pope Francis Be One?

This post is a great continuation to a newspaper article I recently read about the brave nuns and their fight for the principles that used to guide the Church and Christianity.

My biggest beef with the Catholic Church is just this archaic and patriarchal world-view and the propensity to willfully disregard the reality that:

  • a.) women have the right to control their bodies,
  • b.) that same-sex couples are not going away any time soon no matter how many times they are declared sinful,
  • c.) that there is a serious problem with abuse and molestation in the Church, and
  • d.) that battling poverty and illness goes hand in hand with women-liberation and access to contraception.

I’m not a believer, but a powerful organisation that the Catholic Church is has a great impact on the world and the future of mankind. Let’s hope they use this power to do some good and not continue with their frankly medieval practices.


Quick, what do Jay-Z and American nuns have in common?

Answer: More than you might think.

Jay-Z’s classic 99 Problems tells of how not women but the police are the biggest threat against him (okay he doesn’t say “women” but let us overlook for the moment his precise term). For progressive nuns, it is not a world full of sin but the Vatican and its witch-hunting posse that has seemed to pose the gravest danger. In both cases, those entrusted with protecting the vulnerable instead hunt them down.

We all know the sickening tale of children abused by Catholic priests and how the Vatican looked the other way and even protected the pedophiles. You might think this was more than enough shock and scandal for the church, but evidently earning their very own Wikipedia page documenting the sex abuse cases was not enough.

Instead of dealing with the festering crisis…

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