Book Review 02 – The War of the Worlds

war of the worldsThe War of the Worlds



Huh… I expected to be somewhat conflicted about the book since it is old and the writing style therefore quite dated, but I did not anticipate it leaving me quite that cold. I did like some parts of the book and the things the author pointed out about civilisation and society, but I could not (though I tried) come to be emotionally involved in the story.

It is an original idea for its time period, but to people familiar with aliens and wars of the worlds (all those Hollywood blockbusters come to mind here, not to mention space operas and the like), this early work feels like a pale version of the grand idea. A shame – it could have been so much more if the author fleshed out his ideas. I still give it 3 stars because I know how influential it was and is even today, and because it tackles various ideas revolutionary for its time – Darwinism, imperialism, total warfare, extraterrestrial life and so on. I still prefer my protagonists fleshed out more though.

I’ll definitely read more of the author, but I hope to be more satisfied with his other stories than this one.


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