MEME – Seven Places I’d Love to Visit

I’ve recently seen a list like that on a blog and I thought: “Why shouldn’t I make one for myself?”  I must say I’m a bit surprised at the results – when I focus on the cities I’d love to explore in my life, they seem to be centred on Europe. When I expand my list to countries I’d love to see (again or for the first time) there’s not a lot of variety either. I guess I must cross out Europe before my brain can focus on other continents. I wouldn’t mind travelling Asia or Middle East (if it ever settles down), but I’m wary of going where conflicts are likely to flare to life again. [more about that in another post]

So, here we go – Seven Cities I’d Love to Visit:

Kyoto – image source

1. Kyoto

Kyoto – I love Japan, especially the traditional culture – kimonos, tea ceremony, traditional architecture, maikos and geikos… Kyoto is the best place to see all that, being on UNESCO’s list of important historical and cultural sites.

Paris – image source

2. Paris

The city of lights – it’s a dream of mine to explore France one day. Paris offers a lot to visitors – museums, galleries, old buildings and churches, little cafés and beautiful parks. Of course, knowing something of the language is a must since few are inclined to speak English (so I’ve been told).

Prague – image source

3. Prague

I didn’t yet have the opportunity to visit this jewel, but my appetite has been wetted by the amazing series by Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I must see the old alleys and shops, the bridges and the castle. I hope to enjoy a visit there in the summer. *fingers crossed*

Lonfon – image source

4. London

How could any student of English avoid a stay there? Museums, historical sites, shops (yarn!, bags, books!), opportunities to converse with native speakers… not to mention the place where many of the BBC dramas and shows have been filmed. I must go there!

Montreal – image source

5. Montreal

A city in French-speaking Quebec was named UNESCO’s City of Design (this I’ve got to see!), and is also an important part of Canada’s culture. I’d love to explore the old sites and the new, see their way of life and enjoy a lovely stay in America. I hope there are some amazing museums about Native Americans – I’d love to explore more about them firsthand.

Barcelona – image source

6. Barcelona

Fantastic architecture, Mediterranean cuisine, sunshine and artists… Several of my acquaintances went there once and returned to the city ever since. They enjoy the friendly people, great weather and cuisine, and the whirl of a great city. I hope to make my own impression of it one day.

Sydney – image source

7. Sydney

I couldn’t possibly leave out Australia and one of its biggest cities. I would be a wonderful way to see a part of the world in the southern hemisphere and experience the disorientation of a season reversal. Aborigin art has fascinated me ever since I saw an exhibition – the small lines and dots of pure pigment! Wonderful. Also – because of koalas. *hehe*


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