Popcorn Bowl 06 – Samsara

 photo Samsara_zpsb7395e0b.jpgThe most beautiful and deeply moving movie I’ve ever seen. The first half draws you in and enchants you with the poetic beauty of Earth, the middle part breaks your heart and makes you cry, and the conclusion pieces you back together one important realisation at a time. You’re definitely changed after watching it and all for the better I hope.

I loved the scenes with the night sky, Buddhist monks and monasteries, deserts and the slow decay of time seen in the ruins of cities and buildings like the ancient city of Petra and post-Katrina New Orleans. There is some kind of poetic magic in the deserted houses – a fingerprint of human life, our hopes, dreams and desires. This just proves that everything, including desolate places, has a beauty of its own.

What I couldn’t stomach was the huge factories, especially the meat processing plants filled with workers in protective clothing and masks, endless stream of meat which was only moments before a living animal. It was beyond cruel – animals were reduced to objects, they were there only to end up as pieces of bacon or a steak. Especially the part, where huge animal farms were shown, graphically demonstrated the point. Those poor chickens and pigs…the conditions they live in are beyond appalling. Just because we eat them doesn’t mean we have to abuse them – in contrast, we must respect them and make their lives even better as a sort of compensation.

 photo samsara-baraka_zpsd4f32003.jpg

However, the slums and the sex trade showed that even humans don’t treat their fellow beings any better. It is a sad, sad world, and en endless circle of pain and degradation.  Especially since the rise of capitalism and the consumer society – we eat more and more, want more and more, and then come up with new ways to fulfil our lives. Our bodies themselves become our canvas, not just our tool – plastic surgery, masks, dolls, bought bodies and clothes, bought beliefs… In the middle of this chaos we search for the meaning of life. Life is a stream.

The ending part shows us how we can work together, how we are joined in our humanity, religions, universal signs and experiences. And the dancers moving in harmony, with eyes on their hands, seem to symbolise our insight into the world, the all-seeing eye of the cosmos. In order to understand and become better people we must only look around ourselves and become aware. The smile on her face and her calm expression are very reassuring – the world may have its flaws, but they are balanced by beauty and love.

Samsara is a movie that tells a thousand stories with only its wonderful music and cinematography. It will blow your mind and you’ll never look at movies in the same way. I’m planning to watch the authors’ other movie Baraka as well and I’ll definitely write my thoughts on it.

Here’s the equally stunning trailer:

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