Small Things to Brighten My Day 04 – March

The month of spring is here! 😀 I love this time of the year when nature awakens; the garden is full of sounds and smells and colours… Spring flowers burst from the earth, fresh new green leaves unfurl on the branches, birds start building nests and general mayhem of life begins anew.

My beautiful magnolia tree is full of catkins that will transform into gorgeous white blooms, so numerous they will turn the tree into one giant ball of white petals. I love it – the anticipation is killing me, especially since the early snow damaged the poor darling. I hope the tree recovered enough to give me some spectacular photos.

The ground where snow has already melted is pierced by slender narcissus (daffodils) leaves, but snowdrops should be the first to bloom. Then it is time for tulips and daisies and irises and… the list gets endless. The birds are already in a singing contest frenzy, so we can soon expect some serious nest building. I believe our dog’s shed hairs will be in high demand again. :DAnd in Japan the first outdoor events are taking place again. I can’t believe the plum trees there are already in bloom. I was shocked when I saw photos from this years Baikasai – Plum Blossom Festival – to me it was still deep winter but there spring was already on its way. Crazy. Photos from this event are some of my favourite photos of maiko and geiko of Kyoto.

Since many photographers don’t like people uploading their images to other sites, I’ll list their flickr websites below:

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