Series Anticipation – Game of Thrones

Just a month and season three is here! I can’t wait! Fellow fans are freaking out at the forum, not ashamed one bit for their love and obsession about GoT, so I’m not going to pretend otherwise; I’m just as excited. 😀

One of the best trailers is this one:

There are several fan-made ones that are just as great. This one, for example:

I can well remember my reaction at the end of the last season, how desperate I was for time to pass quickly and the next season to come. That’s the bane of being a fan. These trailers hits me in all the right feels, so I’m really pumped for the premiere on 31st of March. I know my sister and I will be glued to the screen when it’s time for the first episode, and the following ones.

And for those who had to look up the song, here’s a lyrics version since the official one would not be entirely work appropriate methinks. You can look it up on youtube under ‘MsMr – Bones’.


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