Ideas, by Rilla Alexander

What a motivation for my writing attempts, and attempts they are since I’ve never actually ‘finished’ a story. I may have a few chapters, a bunch of ideas for the future but no actual draft or anything. I’ve been stuck on chapter 20+ of Alone in Anorien for so long I think my readers must really hate me by now. I hate myself for not working on it, but rather dreaming up scenarios so far in the future of this story it isn’t even funny anymore. *sigh*

I digress again. I’m going to write a bunch of drabbles and short stories right now, before other stuff intrudes again and kidnaps me away from my pen and paper; like reading a wonderful blog by writer Laini Taylor who wrote one of my favourite books of this year: Daughter of Smoke and Bone. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing something phenomenal.

Here’s the video. May you be as inspired and full of energy as I am right now. 😀


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