Small Things to Brighten My Day 03 – Familiar Faces

Lately, I can't seem to escape the cast of Torchwood and other familiar actors. LOL 😀

Everywhere I look, I stumble upon them in popular shows currently aired on the TV.
My first example is John Barrowman (Captain Jack) in Arrow, where he plays a villain Malcolm Merlyn. The latest example though is Burn Gorman (Owen) in Revenge, where he just had his first appearance as an enigmatic Initiative henchman Trask.


 photo revenge-union-5-trask-burn-gorman-abc_zps7544b265.jpgI’m not ashamed to admit I squealed in happy surprise when I first saw him. I had to pause the video to compose myself.

I just love it when familiar faces, especially ones from shows I loved to bits, appear in other series I enjoy. It’s like meeting an old friend unexpectedly in the street, you know. I just thought I’d share my joy with you. It certainly made my day. 😉

Another example of a familiar face is Shawn Ashmore (Iceman in X-men) in The Following, where he's portraying a FBI agent Mike Weston. I liked him in Warehouse 13 as well.

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